About me

Maite Ortega (Yecla, Murcia, 1989) lives and works in Madrid, she is collagist and embroiderer, she's also a degree in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
She belongs to the Sociedad de Collage of Madrid and she is illustrator in Proyecto Kahlo. She has collaborated with MELIÁ and SAMSUNG, and with magazines VOGUE, VEIN and VANIDAD.
In addition, she has taught several workshops on photography and paper embroidery, collage and both adults and children.
She was awarded a scholarship in Belgium, selected in the II Encontro de Novos Artists in Santiago de Compostela, in various projects and urban art in Madrid.

She is inteested in everything related to drawing, collage, embroidery, fashion design, illustration... Everything that has to do with art, paper and textiles.
Her delicate work starts photos and papers found and she plays ans transforms memories with threads or other paper cuts. It aims to give another life to those objects, another meaning, something beyond the physical and to show sensitivity through simplicity. And as a lover of things well made and nice, she tryes to translate it into their works. She never forgets the music, always companion in all creative processes.

maite ortega - artist